Today was all about adjustments. Getting adjustments, both to me and my instruments, and continuing to adjust to the loss of a dear friend.

After nearly two weeks since my last visit to Hayes Sports Chiropractic, I was eager to get in there and get my butt kicked. Dr. Smith worked on me today. He did a fair amount of deep tissue work, or what they call “active release.” It’s a deep tissue therapy that both he and Dr. Santilli have been doing on my neck and back these past several months. It hurts like crazy when they’re digging around in there, but it works wonders and I can really see the progress. He also did the usual handful of spinal adjustments; a couple to my thoracic spine and a couple way up at the top of my cervical spine, at C1 & C2. My head rang like a gong had gone off inside of it, but when I sat up it was amazing; my head felt lighter and it was like I just rediscovered exactly where my head balances atop my spine for the first time. I guess I had gotten used to where things were the past week or two and so I just adjusted to that. But then to have things set right, wow! A much needed adjustment, indeed. Of course, I’ve been icing my upper Trap’s, SCM, Scalene’s and Rhomboid’s and drinking water like it’s going out of style for a lot of the day, but I know tomorrow I will feel 100% better. Once again, big thanks to Hayes Sports Chiropractic.

The next major adjustment of my day came from my brilliant flute technician and friend, Paul Rabinov. Paul is simply one of the very best there is in the business. Whenever I take my instruments in, regardless of how big or small the job, I leave there feeling ecstatic about how well they play and can’t wait to get home to practice. When he handed my flute to me to try, I couldn’t believe the difference. Same for my piccolo. Like my body, I adjust to how things sound or feel when they’re out. But as soon as they’re adjusted properly it’s like magic. Sometimes it’s the littlest adjustment but it makes all the difference in the world. Now, not only my body but my flute and piccolo are dialed in. Hooray!

Today also marked the anniversary of the passing of one of my oldest, dearest friends in the world, Rachel Stornant. Rachel passed away 3 years ago today. I think about her every day. If it isn’t the fabulous Gladiator sandals in my closet that she bought me as a gift shortly before she died, it’s the little black dress she insisted I buy from Loehmann’s because “you can never have too many!” Or, the very expensive hair brush of hers that I casually mentioned that I liked and she said “want it? it’s yours. I can get another one.” Rachel was in town the day we moved into our house here in Long Beach, Labor Day 2008. Somehow, she managed to talk me into dropping everything, driving down to Orange County to get her from her hotel, and bring her back to our place to stay. Where exactly she was going to sleep in our box filled home was yet to be determined. She wanted to help me with unpacking. And she did. She helped me decide where to put what; what cupboard the glasses should go in, the best silverware drawer, etc. She also paraded around the house every 30 minutes or so, holding her open lap top, trying desperately to get a signal from one of our new neighbors Wi-Fi, since ours wouldn’t be connected for a few more days.

Everyday, I think of her and I usually laugh or smile, but sometimes it’s just too painful to smile because I miss her so much. Adjusting to life without my friend has been so very hard. When you talk to someone on the phone nearly everyday, even if just to say “OMG, did you see the dress so & so wore to the Oscar’s last night? Awful! OK, gotta go. Talk to you later,” or “I just made the most amazing thing for dinner just now, you HAVE to make this!” For awhile after Rachel died, I kept thinking the phone would ring and it would be her and we’d pick up where we left off the day before.

Adjustment is defined as “the act or process of adjusting; a means of adjusting; the state of being adjusted; a modification, fluctuation or correction.” Yep. Pretty much all of the above.