Anyone who knows me, knows of my endless love for CSU Summer Arts. With the unique distinction of being a student and TA during my grad school years, I learned early on about this magical and transformational two-week summer intensive. Imagine my joy when I was invited to return in later years as a guest artist, and subsequently selected as a course coordinator to develop a one of a kind, biennial flute course. I created The Complete 21st Century Flutist – a truly unique summer course that would give students a multitude of invaluable tools to help them build a flourishing career, a course I would attend in a heart beat if I were a student or a professional wanting to take a deeper dive during the summer months and refine literally every aspect of my craft.

No-one flies their Summer Arts banner higher or more enthusiastically than I! Yes, there are many other terrific summer flute courses out there, and more seem to be springing up all around us these days. But honestly, few others can compare, because what CSU Summer Arts offers is a truly unique artistic experience.

In the sprit of spring and excitedly gearing up for one of my most favorite things ever, I thought I would share a bit about the beauty of Summer Arts through my past blogs, and talk about the special events we’re planning for our online version this July. I invite you to check out my previous blog posts, click here, here, here, here, and here …totally worth it, I promise!

Here are some of the top reasons why you will want to join us this July 6 – 19 at The Complete 21st Century Flutist

  1. The off the charts, outstanding, world renown guest artist roster! This summer, we are joined by Julien Beaudiment, Ian Clarke, Valerie Coleman, Brook Ferguson, Jennifer Grim, Jim Keefe and Jan Kinmonth from Keefe Piccolo, Steve Kujala, Amy Likar, Peter Verhoyen, and yours truly, as well as pianist Bryan Pezzone and our TA Vanessa Fourla. With this summer being online, you can participate from ANYWHERE. This is great news for our flute friends who would like to join us from a far … no travel or housing costs!
  2. The immense variety of tools to fill your took kit! In addition to the traditional summer flute masterclasses and workshops on our beloved, time-honored flute and piccolo repertoire, you will explore improvisation, composition, world flutes, and Baroque style and interpretation on the modern flute – just imagine the influence all of that will have on your playing! You’ll study works by Ian Clarke and Valerie Coleman, with Ian Clarke and Valerie Coleman. You’ll learn how to create your own unique cadenza for any piece in the flute repertoire of your choice, craft a more beautiful Andersen etude than you ever thought possible, and learn to appreciate the magic that exists in the moments of silence in your unaccompanied solo repertoire. You’ll study the most requested flute and piccolo excerpts from the orchestral and opera literature. You’ll explore movement, quiet your mind, refine your body maps and discover greater balance, fluidity and ease in your playing, absent of limitation, tension or pain with Body Mapping, Alexander Technique, yoga, and meditation. You’ll learn how to record yourself remotely from virtually anywhere – gone are the days of hiring your friend(s) to record your summer festival auditions, now you can do it yourself! You’ll dip your toes in the water with composition and arranging, learn helpful tips to prepare for your next competition, and demystify the world of pursuing a DMA. You’ll compile a clean, concise and professional cover letter, bio and CV so the next time you need these necessary materials, you’ll be all set and ready to go.
  3. The invaluable and inspirational Round Table Discussions! One of my favorite things when I was a guest artist in 2013, and when I began as a Course Coordinator in 2016 were the special meal time and late night “hangs” with my fellow guest artist pals. We would gather and share ideas and stories for hours. The informal, impromptu inspiration from these times stayed with me, so I added something similar to my 2018 course; late night Round Table Discussions with the students and guest artists. It was a hit and a real bonding opportunity – we would all gather together, students would ask questions, we’d talk, debate, laugh, and enjoy tasty treats. Though we can’t walk across the street for pie this year, or grab another handful of cookies and cup of tea from the back of the classroom, we can BYO treats and gather around the Zoom screen for these special moments together.
  4. Scholarships and the opportunity to earn up to 6 transferable units! That’s right, scholarships are available and in fact, around 85% of our students receive some form of scholarship assistance! As for the transferable units; students, you may be able to knock out three units with this amazing two week intensive. And, if you are a California resident and a multi-talented artist who loves painting, multi-media, theatre, dance, composition, or writing … check out the other course offerings for Session 2 and consider applying for a second course at no additional cost – which means you could earn another three transferable units, living your bliss, creating art, and having the best summer ever!
  5. The new friendships and special connections you will build for life! I am still friends with several of my fellow classmates from CSU Summer Arts when I attended all those years ago. The bonds formed in those two weeks together are special – and being online won’t change that. I am building into our daily schedule, tea times, meal times, and communal practice times, so we have opportunities to all be together without flutes in hand, to break bread, laugh, share, and connect. One of the things I have enjoyed in the past few months is a morning practice Zoom that I participate in with a variety of musicians from all over! We sign in, cameras on/sound off, and practice. Sometimes we wave and smile, sometimes we drop little notes in the chat. It’s a fun way to connect, sort of like a virtual version of the practice room hang, and has become something that I look forward to each morning.
  6. The other courses happening simultaneously! Yes, that’s right – while we are busy in our Zoom rooms, there are other equally amazing courses taking place at CSU Summer Arts. You’ll get to experience events and presentations by guest artists and students from those courses, too. This is one of the most magical parts about Summer Arts, IMO. In the before times, we would spend time each morning discussing the previous evening’s event, drawing inspiration from that experience and relating it back to our art. And, just because we’re online doesn’t mean we’ll miss out on this opportunity – CSU Summer Arts has a special kick off event already planned!
  7. The final showcase presentation you’ll collaborate on and create together! With your newly honed skills of remote recording, improvisation, arranging, composition and more, we will curate a final showcase to share with your fellow CSU Summer Artisans, family, and friends. The guest artists and I have a few amazing things planned – can’t tell you now and spoil the secret, but you’ll find out soon enough. Suffice to say, you’ll create memories that will last a life time, transform your playing in a way you never imagined, and gain more confidence to step outside your comfort zone and color outside the lines with your artistry.

Apply today by clicking here to complete your registration and scholarship application. Then, send me your supplemental materials; resumè, bio, and recordings. We’re already getting to know one another in our private Facebook group, and look forward to welcoming our new friends as they sign up!

I am literally counting the days until we all live our Summer Arts bliss for two magical weeks, together, apart!